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Re: [opensuse] HDMI Display to Screen?
On 26/12/15 02:24 PM, Markus Koßmann wrote:
Am Samstag, 26. Dezember 2015, 11:04:27 schrieb Lew Wolfgang:
Hi Folks,

I'm not sure this can be done, but I'd like to be able to watch
my Fox News channel :-) distributed by my cable
TV provider, in a resizeable window on my KDE desktop. I'm
currently doing this with a WinTV adapter based on the
Bt878 chipset. It's been working fine for many years, but
my cable provider is dropping all analog channels next month.
So it would be nice to be able to install a board that would
have HDMI input that would display on KDE the way tvtime
currently does. I'd be able to use a TiVo Mini if this were
possible. There seems to be some options, but they're
all targeted for Windows systems.
No experience with this one, but the manufacturer claims linux support:

But there is one problem with digital TV: encryption. If your HDMI output
source uses HDCP to protect the output, there is no legal way to capture that
output and so that is probably not supported by this device.
If his provider is sending encrypted signals, they must provide him with
a set-top box of some sort to decrypt the data.

If your TV provider sends Fox News in unencrypted DVB-C you could also use a
linux supported DVB-C Adapter.

ATSC: Lew is in Florida ;)

Lew, if your provider offers a set-top box with analog output (these
have built-in ATSC-to-NTSC converters, and should have coax output to
carry the NTSC signal), then you could use that with your existing TV
adapter. There would be no need to replace the existing card, nor to
change your current system configuration. IIRC, this was a rather big
issue when the matter was before the FCC. If such an option was not
offered, then every home customer would be forced to replace his/her
analog TV set. However, I do not remember which way the decision went.

Otherwise, Markus's solution seems to be the simplest one.

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