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Re: [opensuse] Re: Moderation on mailing list
On 26/12/15 17:47, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 26/12/15 16:38, listreader wrote:
On Sat, 26 Dec 2015 15:32:01 +1100
Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(But I cannot help wondering how long it will be before this reference
will be edited to remove it because it does not support what you
regard as your authoritative record of the event.)

Any additional modern-day "edits" would make not an iota of difference
in the veracity of this very tall tale. The entire story should now be
considered a complete fantasy as so many "edits" have been made over the
centuries that any truths in the original have long been obliterated.

As for this tale blaming the Jews (or the "Israelis" as Billie says)
for the supposed event, remember that the protagonists of this tale,
the citizens of Judea, were all Roman subjects under Roman rule, as was
the victim. So, why do you not blame modern Italians - the direct
descendants of the Roman Empire - for the supposed event? Hmmm?
While your argument "does not compute" further pursuit of it here only
detracts from what this thread (and another) is all about. The
appropriate place for any discussion re this Jews/Judea/Romans/et al is
in the openSUSE-offtopic forum.

And give Ruben some space. He blew up about something that was
important to him - the banning of Carlos - and like any of us might do
in that same situation, he babbled some things that had no actual
relation to the situation he was concerned about. Understandable.
Yes, understandable -- upto a point.

But you, Basil, you side with Richard against Carlos?
But you, Ralph, appear to have joined the discussion at a very late
stage and have not been keeping up with events. Have you?

Unfortunately we have in our midst a thread-spoiler with the address of
stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx whose mail client, freenetMail, have absolutely NO
idea about how to keep messages threaded :-) . (Hi there 'stakanov' :-) .)

As a result you will need to go back a bit to a thread called "Re: Scan
application question: [Solved], dated 18/12, by stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx and
follow that thru.

BUT, but you will also need to read another thread which was spawned
(?spawned) from the above called "Re: Moderation on Mailing List".

Between these two (?or three -- it's damn confusing when a mailer
doesn't do threading correctly! :-( -- which contain all the posts
-- excluding any privates ones of course -- on this matter.

After you have read all the posts you may then make up your own mind
where I stand.


GROAN! Sorry, Raloh, I forgot about another thread -- which WAS
spawned :-) -- which you should read called "The Post that got Carlos
ER Banded !!".


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