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RE: Re: [opensuse] Re: Moderation on mailing list

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Von: Stanislav Baiduzhyi
Gesendet: Fr. 25.12.2015 23:34
An: opensuse ,
Betreff: Re: [opensuse] Re: Moderation on mailing list

On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 11:26 PM, Ruben Safir wrote:
God help us all...

I'm reading all of this as uninterested party (no idea who this Carlos
person is that everyone seems so in love with), but I really don't
understand what are you trying to achieve by all this drama,
informational noise and personal attacks? Is there some goal behind
all of that?

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If you are reading all this you are interested.
If you are contributing to this thread (even with a quite astonishing comment
"that everyone seems so in love...") then you are by all means
an interested party.

On the thread in general:

I personally do not think there is a "goal" behind all this. However this is
not the first time that I am witnessing a noteworthy amount of aggressiveness
of both(!) sides of the story.
If a "board" is meant to solve problems and to lower the amount of conflict
then, with all the given respect, the current board does with evidence fail.
I do say this without evaluating what may be behind the "ban" and without
knowledge of the decisional process that brought us here.
But if members of a board speak of "permanent" bans and to be "thankful" that
for now is only a time limited...
You know, if anybody beliefs that whatever permanent ban is "problem solving"
than I would advice to study further the acts of Josef Stalin. He was
knowledgeable for solving dissent in permanent and definite ways.
Very efficient.
For the rest I do not recall that this kind of measures and this kind of
"menaces" would ever had helped to solve or appease a conflict.

Could we come down to earth and be more respectful with each other? This is
addressed to everyone here, not to you or to specific others.
I do not know Carlos personally. I do not agree on all he said or contributed
on the forum. I never felt terribly "disturbed" by anything.

But specifically I do not understand how anybody could speak about "definitive
bans" if s(he) would not be completely foreign to the thought of what should be
a project of public contribution and collaboration. Not to mention the failure
to promote conflict solving. Because a conflict is never the one of a group and
an individual. But of visions and of ways to communicate with each other.

And here lies, IMO, the noteworthiness and the importance of all this thread.
As it shows how well current "conflict solving" and "inclusion" goes. And this
part needs desperately cure, and with cure I do not mean "bans". But with
respectful communication and mediation.

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