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Re: [opensuse] Re: Moderation on mailing list
God help us all...


Challenges in 2015


by Michal Hrušecký

Champagne Showers by Merlin2525You might have noticed that I decided to run for
the openSUSE Board. And as we shortly have a new year and everybody is
evaluating the past and the future, I will do the similar, mainly focusing on
few of the challenges that I see laying in front of the openSUSE Board in 2015.
SUSE/openSUSE relation

I heard it being mentioned several times over and over. SUSE and openSUSE are
two different things. But at the same time, they are pretty close. Close enough
to be confusing. We have similar yet slightly distinct branding. Similar yet
slightly distinct name and we have a clear overlap in terms of contributors.
For people inside the project, it is easy to distinguish the entities. For
people outside, not so much.

There was a nice talk by Zvezdana and Kent on openSUSE Conference about our
branding. Part of the talk and one thing that people notice about openSUSE and
SUSE is our logo. SUSE keeps updating it and it’s getting different over the
time. On the other hand openSUSE logo stays the same. One open question from
the talk was how to fix it. Either start diverging with our branding or get
closer together. I know this is mainly question for the artwork team, but as
will affect all of us, there should be broad discussion and as it involves logo
and trademark, there need to be SUSE and board involved.

Apart from the logo/branding, there is also a technical aspect of the relation.
We all say that openSUSE is the technical upstream of SLE. Things are being
developed and tested in openSUSE and then adopted by SLE. But sometimes it is
vice versa, as SUSE needs to develop some feature for SLE or one of it’s
service packs and push it there. And as SLE and openSUSE schedules are
unrelated, sometimes they can’t push it in openSUSE first. Even after the
release openSUSE and SLE starts diverging and come together once in five years
or so when it is a time to release a new SLE. It’s kinda shame, that we can’t
help each other more often. It would be great to get SLE and openSUSE closer
together in mutually beneficial way. But this is not going to be an easy nor
fast discussion, again involving quite some teams/people. And I believe the
Board should act as mediator/initiator in this discussion as well.

On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 10:35:16PM +0100, Michal Hrusecky wrote:
Ruben Safir - 15:46 25.12.15 wrote:
On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 07:25:10PM +0100, Michal Hrusecky wrote:

Responding to several official complains from various community members.
Board[1] is elected by the community and one of it's functions is to help
resolve conflicts.

Your doing a bang up job of it as well.

sigh... this is so deeply wrong on so many levels that it triggers
depressive feelings in me.

How does this happen?

What kind of newspeak world allows this to happen?

World where people like to listen to arguments and address problems in a
constructive and open way. Where people believe that a diverse community
based on mutual respect is the base for a creative and productive
environment enabling the project to be truly successful. Where people
don't tolerate social discrimination and aim at creating an environment
where people feel accepted and safe from offense.

To cite our guiding principles[1]

btw. Newspeak[2] is something else ;-)

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