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[opensuse] Re: no resume after hibernate
Le 25/12/2015 14:32, jdd a écrit :

what can I do to recover? I don't find anything relevant on google

I could solve the problem myself and I'm back with leap. That is I could recover Leap, I wont even try again to hibernate!

the solution is: access your /etc/fstab by any mean...

add a # in front of any swap line

reboot, you should be ok. Then reactivate swap and stop normally.

Doing this I noticed some very curious things.

I had *three* swap files. in se this is not surprising, I have three disks and so three swap partitions. That said I created one on my ssd at install time and expected it to be used alone. May be I have to look better at the install report Yast do just before installing :-(.

But this is only the normal thing.

The third swap line is to an uuid.. of what? it's *not* the uuid of my swap partition (I get with blkid), and findfs do not return any disk ID/device, it only return the uuid given as argument.

ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/

do not show any partition with this uuid.

So what can I guess? may be the hibernate process gives a transient uuid to the swap space chosen for hibernation? does it *change* the uuid? In my fstab I had not as swap my last created one (the one on the new sssd).

is so where does the hibernate system store the initial uuid (I guess it's restored if all goes well)

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