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Re: [opensuse] Re: Moderation on mailing list
On 23/12/15 18:30, Oliver Kurz wrote:
On Wednesday 23 December 2015 16:56:23 Basil Chupin wrote:
On 23/12/15 13:42, Felix Miata wrote:
David C. Rankin composed on 2015-12-22 20:01 (UTC-0600):
Carlos banned... really... What kind of numbskull would ban Carlos?
Had this thread a proper topic, Carlos would probably provide a private
answer. He might anyway, at least if you ask him. It will surprise me if
Richard Brown does not provide an answer once he awakens to find this
Oh I am sure that he certainly will respond, and we all await that with
bated breaths :-) .
… or maybe not as you just try to lure him into dangerous waters ;-)

I still haven't quite managed to grasp the art -- but I am practising
VERY hard every day I assure you! -- of hypnotising someone over a
distance of many thousands of kilometres to perform acts and, alas, in
Richard's case I am not in any position, nor am I even trying to , to
lure him into any waters be they dangerous or otherwise. At times I
think that he may well get some benefit from the waters at Lourdes but
well ... "One can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink",
as the Actress said to the Bishop :-) .

Please stick to the netiquette:
Also the following paragraph might be helpful: "Don't be aggressive"
If you think you can do better than other members of the community, that's
good! Stick to the good examples to show this :-)

You sound like a very nice chap so I will ask you if you are addressing
the comments in the above paragraph at me or at people in general? I ask
because I have only posted 2 responses to posts in this thread, namely:

1) Richard Brown had him banned from all lists for some reasons which do
not looker kosher to me. However, the ban is only till February
(?beginning or end, cannot remember) so Carlos will be back with a
vengeance, hopefully .

(The whole spectacle unfolded in Project if you care to look at the
archives.) ;


2) Oh I am sure that he [Richard] certainly will respond, and we all
await that with bated breaths .

and I cannot see, therefore, how either, in particular, would qualify
for the comment "Don't be aggressive".


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