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Re: [opensuse] boot AMD RAID
On 12/14/2015 02:59 AM, Xen wrote:
Has anyone successfully installed and booted from a system on an AMD RAID?

I wonder if more is needed is ensuring that "dmraid -ay" is called in the
initrd, since the 13.2 installer recognises the arrays.

This is the firmware RAID that people derogatively call "fake raid". On my first
attempt, the system did install, but it failed to boot properly; I forgot which
error I got.

Regards, Xen.

I've used dmraid for years, (with mirrorred /boot, /, /home, (/var and /srv in the older days -- and even swap). Primarily on nVidia chips, but there is no reason AMD wouldn't be supported as well. The dmraid module (dm_mirror) was included by default in all older kernel initrds. I do not know the status on openSuSE 13.2 or Leap. I do know that Arch no longer includes the dm_mirror hooks by default, and you must specify the dmraid module be included when creating your initrd.

Does anyone know whether the dmraid module is included by default in 13.2?

You can easily test:

$ lsmod | grep dm_mirror

If it isn't there, then

# modprobe dm_mirror

If that works, then

# dmraid -ay

If your arrays are assembled, then in the past, you could simply use:

# depmod -a

to update the module dependencies (that was before systemd). I haven't looked at what opensuse needs now with grub2, etc.. That info should be a simple search away. Good luck.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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