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Re: [opensuse] OpenSuse related, but may be a bit off topic
don fisher composed on 2015-12-21 18:18 (UTC-0500):

I have a computer facility (2 laptops) on one side of my room and my
desk is on the other. I would like to be able to transmit the HDMI video
from the computers to the screen on my desk wirelessly. I purchased an
IOGEAR wireless HDMI transmitter hoping it would solve this problem. But
the IOGEAR system does not tell the computer driver what type of display
is connected to it. Neither Windows or Linux systems will recognize that
there is an external display on the HDMI port. Both system are currently
set to mirror the laptop's screen. My laptop is an Alienware 18 and all
works perfectly if the HDMI cable is connected directly to the ACER HDMI

Does anyone have an idea on how to force the driver to assume an HDMI
connection? Or any other solution? I had assumed that the IOGEAR HDMI
transmission was 2 way, like that on my laptop, my mistake. Only the IR
blaster part of their system communicates back to the source.

Just hoping for an idea.

Does describe what you bought? If
yes, I would expect the transmitter to provide the feedback the video driver
wants. Maybe you're using a defective HDMI cable between PC and transmitter.

If not, you should be able to use normal manual Xorg configuration to force
the driver to the correct (HDMI or its alias) output port at the desired
(presumably 1920x1080) resolution, including 'Option "PreferredMode"
"1920x1080"' and e.g. for Intel, 'Option "monitor-HDMI1" "Default Monitor" #
HDMI aka DVI', or for Radeon, 'Option "monitor-HDMI-2" "Default Monitor"', as
indicated in Xorg.0.log by lines with string "connected" or "Output" or
"Enabled output".
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