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RE: Re: [opensuse] Scan application question: [SOLVED]
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Von: jdd
Gesendet: Sa. 19.12.2015 12:32
An: opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [opensuse] Scan application question: [SOLVED]

Le 19/12/2015 11:49, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

This is a program that IMO is purely free-riding on the work of
others as they do not bring anything to SANE.

it existed before sane :-)

They existed before sane....for Linux? Or did they just take advantage without
bring in anything...

The do not
even have proprietary driver for the models not supported by sane.

for some but not all
Canon 4200F (very much sold, millions of Scanners NO)
8200F dto
8600F dto....
They follow strictly for what I see SANE. Maybe they integrated an Epson
proprietary driver.
And an HP one. Because Epson provided it, and HP provided it.
This is a program for Win and Mac.
It really does not convice me at all.

They do for what I see just cream skimming.

So: if I have to buy such a program I take a 20 Euro license of XP or
win 7, make sure it has any internet access but for the registration
and then I would use it in a KVM. And of course, as said it would be

piracy?I don't think any windows scanner program have personal driver
(windows drivers are easy to find)

I did not say that Vuescan is Piracy, just free riding. This is not the same.
If you refer to Windows: it has been declared illegal and abuse of market
position to forbid
selling original licences OEM once the owner of the machine decides to send
them back or
to sell to third party. A good decision. A part of the ugly branding e.g.
"Dell" ans sometimes some
bloatware, it is usable for scanner as a virtualized OS. A copy of Win7 costs
(legaly - 7home) around 20-40 Euro.
And more then 20 it is not worth if we are telling the truth.

VueScan is not a driver application, but a scanning program. It's not
visually excellent, but achieve excellent efficiency
Well, that I would have to check out, but without scanner working whatever
program is useless.
I doubt however that it comes near Omnipage Pro.

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