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Re: [opensuse] Scan application question:
On 17.12.2015 13:13, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I would like to scan a book of mine.
The only scan application I did find in leap is skanlite (seems to be an
incomplete beta version that can only produce png or image files and can do
only one page per document.
That brings the problem to know if there is a working application out there
for linux that is capable to make pdf multiple page docs without OCR (I am
modest as the text is mixed
Chinese, English and Japanese, so a bit too much for ocr) for leap.

Is there? 600 dpi would be nice (colour) or 300 dpi minimum.

I'm using SimpleScan for this. Works with page feeders, also lets you
scan page by page from the flatbed, and saves all scanned pages to a PDF
(or other formats, of course).

The basic settings are available, like scan resolution, but it sticks to
the simple side of scanning => no OCR, no preview with free selection of
the scan area.

To install: sudo zypper install simple-scan


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