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Re: [opensuse] double dual boot with windows
On 12/09/2015 04:03 PM, John Andersen wrote:
Not my experience.
I have an old-ish (2008) quad core HP for my primary desktop, with a measly 8
gig of ram. Running
windows 7
I have a even older dual core Dell laptop maxed out at 3gig Running Opensuse

Grinning slightly "measly 8 gig of ram", recalling the Commodore 64...., my first i386 with math co-processor and 1M of ram...

But seriously, If you can't devote 2G per OS (plus the GPU RAM necessary for hardware acceleration) under a virtualization, you will see slowdowns. You can squeeze OS into 512M, but you will swap/page often resulting in slowness.

Graphics performance is a BIG issue -- especially for gaming performance. Anything relying on proprietary GPU drivers/hardware acceleration can be frustrating to run from a virtualized OS.

Both vmware and vbox have gotten much better in this regard. Both allow tweaking installs/resources for 2D/3D hardware acceleration, but my experience has been hit and miss (not to mention the prospect of dedicating another 1-3G of RAM for the GPU) I'm not a big gamer, so others may need to chime in here.

For the normal business desktop apps, 1G per virtualized OS is fine - it will be slower than native, but usable.

2G per virtualized OS and you are fine normal desktop use.

2G + RAM needed for custom 2D/3D hardware access, you should have relatively good gaming (1st person shooters may still suffer a bit)

The more the merrier...

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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