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RE: Re: [opensuse] Leap: strange problem with SWAP bloating
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 11:13:34 +0100
  • Message-id: <n4m4oe$3g0$>
stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Out of the 3 GB of memory only 1.1 are used in these situations.

In that case, I don't think your machine is actually swapping. It
may have been in the past, and the the swap space has yet to be

Well, the system in this situation (as I have traditional HDD) does
give you "sound feedback) for any mouse action, "clicking" its way
through, mouse and programs getting unresponsive and the swap itself
is never freed when happens.

If your system is swapping heavily, your disks would most likely be
spinning constantly, not just when you interact with it. Mouse and
programs becoming unresponsive could be caused by a program hogging the
CPU(s). Flash is known to cause such problems, for instance.

If you think that I am somebody complaining pathologically about non
existing bugs you would, be as to say, "on the wrong train".

No, I don't think you are, but you really only described that you saw
swap space allocated apparently without need, which isn't a real
problem. 30Mb of swap is not a problem either. OTOH 1Gb of swap used
is quite a bit, but you should be quickly able to tell which
application is to blame simply by using "top".

However it may well be that my way of describing what happens
is "suboptimal" for lack of skills, mainly. When the problem last time
presented, the swap space mounted independently swap usage by the
rhythm of 100 MB every 5 seconds. When reaching 1800 MB of 2 GB swap
taken, the system got unresponsive. The RAM showed only 1.7 GB out of
3 GB used in that case.

In Leap42/Plasma, such a situation might be caused by 'plasmashell', see
bug#957797, one of the reports I listed earlier. On my Leap42+Plasma5
test desktop, plasmashell is regularly killed by 'out-of-memory' when
it has used up all RAM and all swap-space. AFACIT, the swapspace is not
actively released, see my previous posting.

I will follow your suggestion. Will be interesting to find out the
"culprit". Overall compared to 13.2 the machine is very sluggish and
opening two users at the same time is non productive, although not

My own test desktop has 4 GB RAM and 2 dual-cores - I don't do a lot of
work on it, but it seems okay when I do. (and plasmashell hasn't eaten
up all the memory). If your system is overall slow, something is
wrong, I would say.


Per Jessen, Zürich (1.1°C) - dedicated server rental in Switzerland.

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