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RE: Re: [opensuse] Leap: strange problem with SWAP bloating
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Von: Per Jessen
Gesendet: Mo. 14.12.2015 08:40
An: opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [opensuse] Leap: strange problem with SWAP bloating

There are some memory leaks in Plasma5: bug#957797, bug#954581.

Try "grep VmSwap /proc/*/status", that'll tell you which process is
using how much swap space.

Thank you, this is actually very kind to tell me the command. Very useful.

Out of the 3 GB of memory only 1.1 are used in these situations.

In that case, I don't think your machine is actually swapping. It may
have been in the past, and the the swap space has yet to be released.

Well, the system in this situation (as I have traditional HDD) does give you
"sound feedback) for any mouse action,
"clicking" its way through, mouse and programs getting unresponsive and the
swap itself is never freed when happens.

Often it begins with a 30 MB Swap used without any apparent reason.
To get a system back to normal I have to go to konsole and sudo
swapoff -a and once done sudo swapon -a This makes things turn to normal

It's perfectly normal for a system to be using swap space all the time. How
much depends on the workload and how much real RAM it has.

suggestion on how to find out what causes this? I never had problems
like this ever before with 3GB of RAM. Should be far enough for a
simple 64 bit OS with a browser opens. Even two browsers should not be
a problem.

The question is perhaps - is there a real problem? Is your machine being
slowed down by excessive swapping?

If you think that I am somebody complaining pathologically about non existing
bugs you would, be as to say,
"on the wrong train". I have other things to do in live. And 13.2 once it
worked did see me seldom to report bugs.
while de facto non where "inexisting". However it may well be that my way of
describing what happens is "suboptimal"
for lack of skills, mainly.
When the problem last time presented, the swap space mounted independently swap
usage by the rhythm of 100 MB every 5 seconds.
When reaching 1800 MB of 2 GB swap taken, the system got unresponsive. The RAM
showed only 1.7 GB out of 3 GB used in that case.
So maybe it was not just needed a hard reset to be usable again.

I will follow your suggestion. Will be interesting to find out the "culprit".
Overall compared to 13.2 the machine is very sluggish and
opening two users at the same time is non productive, although not impossible.
So Plasma 5 seems to have very much higher resource requests
than plasma 4. I was able even to use indexing with this machine before without
noticing. So yes, I think this is a problem.
I see frequently plasma crashing when logging out with konqi opening, but up to
now I did not find out how to look if the output is
usuable because it gets locked by SDDM and I did not find out how to come to
the (probably still open) konqi, or how to stop the logout, once
I see the crash, before getting locked by SDDM.

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