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[opensuse] Re: M.2 NVMe SSD as boot device
On Wed, 9 Dec 2015 21:27, gumb <gumb@...> wrote:

Anybody here had any joy booting openSUSE from an M.2 NVMe SSD? Since there aren't many such things around yet, it would likely be a Samsung SM950 PRO or SM951, or an Intel 750.

I was on the brink of ordering one but have been advised of various boot issues. Support has been in the Linux kernel since early in the 3.x cycle. Support in the BIOS also needs to exist. According to the BIOS updates for the Intel NUC I'm planning on buying a BIOS update in March 2015 added this support. But I'd be keen to hear any actual user experiences.

Sorry, but bwahahahahaha!

Intel, doing something RIGHT in the NUC platform??
That's Mobile Technology! Not Servers, nor Workstations, not even Desktop.
What color has the moon, when you look at it?

On the 'Intel NUC Business edition' with Haswell/Broadwell, Intel has
opted for dual Mini-DisplayPort and thus not enough lanes for NVMe,
just Sata3 (6Gb/s), and even that not at its best.

On the 'Intel NUC Media edition' with Haswell/Broadwell, Intel did just go with one Mini-DisplayPort and a Mini-HDMI (that borks just from looking at) to get more PCIe lanes for the Storage. But working NVMe? No, just hot air. These modules run in Sata/AHCI mode but at least that at its maximum.

And Skylake? Sorry no 'final' NUC version has made its way to Germany yet.
Just last week the CAD data has changed. And the fourth or fifth BIOS version. Final? No, not this year available (over the table, at least).

A felt difference? No.
A measured difference?
Maybe a second per 50GByte transfered on Desktop Skylake ATX board.

But your money elsewhere. ATM NVMe is just not worth the investment.

As PCI Cards in servers OK, maybe on high datavolume Workstations, but
not for Desktop machines, and not worth to even consider on mobile Tech.

Seriously, elsewhere your money is much more worth.

512 GB NVMe equals 1TB M.2 (Sata3,6GB/s).

- Yamaban.
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