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Re: [opensuse] Some Leap Experiences and Issues
06.12.2015 19:43, Lew Wolfgang пишет:

No problem, I say, I'll just login as root, remove my first default user,
then recreate and loose the trackpad disablement. But, there's no way
to login as root!!!

I have XFCE installation and I can login as root.

Did you select initial user during installation? Did you set user
password (I think default checkbox is to use the same password for root
as for initial user).

No problem, I say, I'll just boot into bash by adding init=/bin/bash on
the Grub "linux" line. Great, that works and I've got a command prompt.
But, the shell seemed to be running as an unpriviledged user! It would
say "/usr/sbin/userdel appears to require root authorization, which you
don't have", or some-such. It wouldn't let me do anything that required
root authorization! I've didn't try to boot into "single-user" because of
bad experiences I've had with a certain initialization system.

That's due to missing /sbin and /usr/sbin in PATH. Just set them or use
full path.

But do not forget that you will need to remount / rw and to mount all
subvolumes first if you used default btrfs layout.

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