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Re: [opensuse] Logging in as root an Leap
On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 5:29 PM, Bernhard Voelker
<mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Many well-written servers still drop their root-privileges
as early as they can to avoid possible damage, and then
some guys would circumvent all the security in the design
of UNIX/Linux and run *all* as root?!? I'd call this
ignorant and disrespectful.

It's like walking with a lighted candle in a building storing
gas bottles; it may work, but you never know if one of the
bottles is leaking gas (not to mention if some funny jerk has
opened the valve of one on purpose).

Therefore, I belief there's only one rule to remember:
don't do it.

That is certainly one of the reasons Microsoft went to a restricted
user model in Windows 7 (or Vista I assume) even when people log in as
an "administrator" level account.

Even if malware gets executed on the machine it will typically not
have admin rights.

On the other hand when I boot from a openSUSE DVD I typically do log
in as root. At some point you have to trust the environment. (I use
a susestudio built openSUSE DVD routinely, but I maintain it and know
what is on it.)


Greg Freemyer
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