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Re: [opensuse] Logging in as root an Leap
On 12/01/2015 03:53 AM, Koenraad Lelong wrote:

Is it possible to log in as root just after booting ? I only get my
non-root user as a possible user.
On OS13.2 and before there was a possibility to type the username. Now
it seems you can only graphically select users, and root is not
available (that I know of).

Although you fail to say so, I presume you mean that the GUI login is
not displaying a root account option in the list of possible users.

This is as it should be by default.

The root account DOES exist. The GUI does not offer it - by default.

Like everything else about Linux, this is a configuration option.

If you hot key to a virtual terminal you can log in as root :-)

Alternatively systemsetting -> system administration -> login screen
gives many options, and displaying root in the list is one of them.

Alternatively you can go into the appropriate config file and hand edit
the text.

As for entering the user by typing a name, well that depends on the GUI
that you use. I use kdm for the KDE desktop and hence configure it with
'systemsettings'. YMMV. That, too, is configurable :-)

Personally I think that making root too easily accessible introduces a
security risk. I'm not against using root but I do think that its use
should be carefully administered. Making it as easy to access and use
as any other account can lead to carelessness and mistakes. That's why
the default is not to include it in the graphical login. If you want to
change that, you can, but be aware of the risks.

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