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Re: [opensuse] What reads a pdf that contains forms?
Am 01/08/15 um 12:34 schrieb Carlos E. R.:
On 2015-08-01 11:39, David C. Rankin wrote:

You are 100% correct in your assessment that "this is garbage"! Not
only garbage, but I'm fairly certain it violates several mandates
against single source technology that results in an anticompetitive
impact through implementation.

Huh. PDF, and PDF with forms, is a standard. XFA.

And in fact, the help text of your document says that it is supported in
Windows, Mac, or Linux. Which was true, but is no longer true in Linux,
because Adobe abandoned. Maybe the courts could order it to come back? :-P

As far as I know, if PDF+XFA is not truly supported in Linux, it is the
fault of Linux.

What are the developers of evince doing currently?
does not show anything like XFA.
Maybe they can implement a solution? Via Crowdfunding?

The problem exists for a long time now.
( )

Also interesting:
"In 2011 the ISO Committee urged Adobe Systems to submit the XFA Specification, XML Forms Architecture (XFA), to ISO for standardization and requested Adobe Systems to stabilize the XFA specification. The Committee expressed its concerns about the stability of the XFA specification.[25]"
[ ]

I tried
but this is just old stuff which needs QT3.

and of acrobat reader. Much less that there may be other's on tablets

Well, there is Acrobat on Android tablets. However, your form doesn't
open there.

Which means that Adobe Acrobat itself is inconsistent.

So what does the clueless intern do? He tells the justices that he can
create a "real slick" acrobat form that ALL users of the reader can
fill-out and print to submit allowing the court to capture the text
entries electronically (it's original goal). The clueless intern had no
knowledge of simple web forms, ajax or json or any inkling about how
simple a true cross platform solution could actually be.

In several countries there is a mandate to use such forms in the
administration, so get used to them. I can't find the link now, but
there was an effort recently where they paid an organization (in
Blegium, perhaps?) to create support for them in LibreOffice. I'll post
it later if I find it.

Did you find it?


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