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Re: [opensuse] firewall message
Op donderdag 6 augustus 2015 07:07:50 schreef Andrei Borzenkov:
MAC 33:33:xx:xx:xx is IPv6 multicast address and ff02::fb is mDNSv6. So
someone tries to transmit mDNS packets which are multicast by
definition. a0:88:b4 is Intel so full MAC would be a0:88_b4_c5:99:9c. I
do not know what last 2 bytes in MAC field of log message mean.

mDNS uses port 5353 which is blocked in the firewall. If you want these to get
through you may add filter rules to FW_SERVICES_ACCEPT_EXT like:
xxxx:yyyy:zzzz::/48,udp,5353 where xxxx:yyyy:zzzz represents the /48 network
you got from your provider.


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