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Re: [opensuse] Signing PDFs
On 08/05/2015 08:04 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Since the relevant agency won't accept mail+attachments that has been
PGP signed ...

I can use my phone as a sketch tablet and the tipped pen to "do' a
signature as a GIF. I'm sure I can edit that to have a transparent

OK, just done that, a nice big sprawling, scrawling "Anton".

Now I wonder, is there a tool to overlay that onto a PDF?


For the past decade or so, the easiest solution for this electronic quandary for me was simply to sit down, write your signature a couple of times on a plain sheet of paper (with a fat tipped pen), then scan and choose the one you like. Pull it into gimp and make the background transparent and scale it to a reasonable size. This was originally done to create templates for paperless faxing via Hylafax/Avantfax. To implement, we simply created openoffice fax/letterhead templates with the electronic signature anchored in the normal signature block. The all documents produced could be saved to pdf and sent directly via Avantfax.

While on the subject ...
I seems ridiculous that the agency will accept a FAXed document, faxed
from a corner store. They don't have my registered signature on file.
Since I went VoIP my phone # isn't in the published phone book and cell
phones don't seem to appear anywhere.

It looks to me as if this is piss poor security; anyone could download
the PDF form from the web, fill it in, use any signature that looked
like an scrawl beginning with an A-she and ending with a D-shape and any
phone number then fax it back, all leaving me completely ignorant.

This seems arcane, but there are specific legal reasons for it. The reasons are generally rooted in the statutes of civil/criminal procedure under the section for "Signing of Documents". There is usually a long list of what signing signifies (facts are within personal knowledge and true and correct, not filed for improper purpose, etc, ...) and it also provides penalties for violation of the rule (being held in sanctions, contempt, disbarment, etc..) So while yes, anyone could put a big "A..." and you would be left in the dark, there are laws on the books to handle that case (not so yet with most if not all of the certificate equivalents)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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