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[opensuse] threadvis version dependencies and options
Carlos E. R. wrote:

Mmm... how did you do that thread graphic? Curious thing, that.

It's built-in to the threadvis extension. The thread graphic
is what the .SVG output that I sent "should" have looked like.

It writes it out to a file in .svg format if you wish.
In this case, I just told it to open it in a separate
window so I could expand it so you could see the relative times.

When it is on the "normal display", it displays in what is
usually a blank area to the right of where it
has the From, Date, To info...
But the graph on large discussions gets so big, it drops
out the times, thus my reason for opening it separately.

other home page:
Updated up to tbird 24.0 according to the 2nd page.

I still use an old version (1.1.595) as it used it's own
db for doing the threading (it tracks threads across folders!).
After that version -- it was available for Tbird3, which, by
default downloads all your folders to your local 'roaming'
profile on windows. I.e. if you have a large email store,
the default in TB3 and beyond is to duplicate it locally.

Even though I tried to upgrade to a later email reader but
'reverted due to it's lower stability, I hadn't tackled the
challenge of getting the older version to work on the
newer TB's, as the newer versions make it an explicit requirement
that you need to download all your email locally (the TB3+ default).
If you don't turn that on, the tool won't work.
I figure when I upg to something TB3+-compat, I'll rewrite
the version checks in the last version to use it's own DB, since the whole reason for me to keep things in imap was
to to have all the clients use the 1 location.

My mom is having problems -- likely lost her address book due to it being all in 1 big ".PST" file that got overwritten when
outlook had to be reinstalled. Lovely. I keep trying
to intro her to gmail...;-)

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