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Re: [opensuse] Signing PDFs
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On 2015-08-06 03:04, Anton Aylward wrote:

Since the relevant agency won't accept mail+attachments that has
been PGP signed ...

Use S/MIME in Thunderbird, with a certificate from a certificate
agency. Depending on the agency and local laws, it has legal validity.

I can use my phone as a sketch tablet and the tipped pen to "do' a
signature as a GIF. I'm sure I can edit that to have a transparent

OK, just done that, a nice big sprawling, scrawling "Anton".

Now I wonder, is there a tool to overlay that onto a PDF?

Years ago I sent faxes "signed" by pasting a scanned picture of the
signature into a Word document. It was fully accepted by recipient,
which of course, knew not how it had been "signed".

I guess that faxes have legal status because originally there were no
computers to fake them, and the legal system has not caught with the
times >:-p

And yes, of course I can generate a PDF with that. Tell me about what
you have, and I can think of a procedure :-)

Besides, I think I read somewhere (Windows Acrobat?) about overlaying
signatures on pdfs. I wondered, but I didn't read on the details.

It looks to me as if this is piss poor security; anyone could
download the PDF form from the web, fill it in, use any signature
that looked like an scrawl beginning with an A-she and ending with
a D-shape and any phone number then fax it back, all leaving me
completely ignorant.


Later, you could contest it in court.


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Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.

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