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[opensuse] Re: Browser (web and mail) Evolution...;-)
Anton Aylward wrote:
I haven't adopted 13.2 or tumbleweed but if I post with 'systemd' in the
subject line my mail gets delayed.

Its nothing personal, its about the subject line.
it why some people use a different word/spelling.

I'm sure that if Linda wised up and did so too she'd find its not personal.
My mom sends me copies of chain mail and conservative SPAM (she has
a lot of conservative friends living in Texas)...and neither of my SPAM
filters (spamd,thunderbird) mark her mails for spammy-review.
Good thing too..... as recently my Tbird scanner has gotten overly
aggro -- it lost it's marbles, er data...when I tried to upgrade to a later version. disaster -- but the browser trial is still in
process -- couldn't to get x64 went w/pale moon -- it still has
more problems on various pages than my 3.6.28 version, but on
the 10% of the web that's started using HTML5...PM wins hands down.

I'm still in the process of going through the 80-100...hmmmmm... seems like there are 168 extensions in the ext dir, but I
think some have been removed and the dir didn't go away yet or something... Anyway figuring out which have updates or replacements or still work with a version change, or slow work. Interspersed with a few other computer

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