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Re: technicalities (was "Re: [opensuse] Re: Title hijacking")
Ottavio --

...and then Ottavio Caruso said...
% On 4 August 2015 at 12:06, Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
% > On what do you base those statistics?
% > What source tells that 95% of the human race even has an internet
% > connection?
% > Or are you simply claiming that Google has over 7 Billion distinct
% > accounts and counting people like me whoo have more than one account
% > many times over?
% Technicalities.

Are you saying that you base your statistics on technicalities and that
your source is technicalities? Or are you trying to keep us looking at
your arbitrary goalpost by pooh-poohing arguments that would expose its

% The picture I have got is:
% 1) List has been plagued by flamers/trolls;


% 2) Moderator has given up

I can't by any means agree with this without a lot more conclusive
evidence. Technicalities, you know...

% 3) Flamers/trolls have won.

Trolls, to abuse a phrase, are not an option. I don't agree with this,

As far as I can see, you've made one claim which at least some would
be willing to accept without argument despite its being an opinion and
two other claims which are personal opinion completely without rational
support or justification. I'm just not getting how you're really onto
something meaningful that is going to Make A Difference In The World.
Where, pray tell, did you get whatever it is you're smoking?

[Did you like how I turned ridicule into ad hominem?]

% --
% Ottavio


David T-G

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