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Re: moving (was "Re: [opensuse] Re: Title hijacking")
Ottavio, et al --

...and then Ottavio Caruso said...
% On 4 August 2015 at 10:00, David T-G <d13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
% > That's a lousy argument. Windows is "everywhere" and this silly Linux
% > thing is fringe at best. Why are you even here?
% That's what a troll would say

Funny; I was thinking that of your email...

% Move the goal post; answer a question nobody asked; declare yourself a
% winner. Typical.

How about setting up a ridiculous and arbitrary goal post? Just because
some nontrivial percentage N of "Internet users" use webmail, what does
that have to do with the problem of "title hijacking"? As Carlos said,
don't blame others for your faults. You needn't waste your time blaming
me for pointing out that you're being ridiculous, too.

% --
% Ottavio


David T-G

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