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Re: [opensuse] Autodisconnect of usb-disk-dock
Am 03.08.2015 um 11:11 schrieb Koenraad Lelong:
Op 02-08-15 om 14:59 schreef Aaron Digulla:

This is possibly a feature of the dock. They spin down the disk when
it's idle for a while. Some disks also can do that.

Use "hdparm" to check the power status of the dock/disk. I don't
remember the exact command line options; the man page and calling the
command without options should help.

The odd thing is that the disk should spin up by itself when you access
it again. That takes a few moments. A simple "ls" of the folder should
be enough to trigger this.

My way of seeing of some disk is present is do a "cat proc/partitions".
The dock with the disk in it is gone.
Is there a better way to see if there is a disk ? I'm going to try
that hdparm, but with this you have to specify a device. I'm going to
look if the device is still there. It will be this evening though.

You can use "lsusb" to see whether the USB device is still there.
"lsscsi" will help you see disk-like devices
"lsblk" shows any kind of block device

I'm not sure what /proc/partitions contains; I've never used it. Try
different commands and also check the system log (dmesg, journalctl) and
look for errors. Maybe Linux unmounts the device when it notices that it
goes to sleep. That means the device will still be there (i.e. lsblk
should still display it).


Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla a.k.a. Philmann Dark
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