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Re: [opensuse] Another example of deliberate systemð supporters deliberately sabotaging previously working software...
В Mon, 03 Aug 2015 11:17:54 -0700
Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:

Carlos E. R. wrote:
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Resending because of "moderation" with altered subject line.
Apparently, Andrei messages are not delayed for moderation, but mine
are :-/

On 2015-08-03 13:05, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 4:52 AM, Linda Walsh <> wrote:

This is standard RPM behavior - if file did not change, there is
nothing to preserve.
"my comments" about what command I might use to do these functions
manually were deleted.

How is that not a change?

My mistake - as I see it now, /etc/sysconfig is managed differently in
*SUSE. Files are not part of RPM, rather they are generated during
installation from templates with fillup command. So usual RPM
configuration file logic does not apply here.

I believe an rpm update does not backup scripts, only configuration
files. Ie, local customizations. And not all customization: changes in
scripts are lost.
/etc/sysconfig/sendmail is a config file -- it is also sourced by

Yes, but apparently files in /etc/sysconfig are not meant to be manually
edited and have rather strict structure. You should verify whether your
changes comply with what /bin/fillup expects.
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