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Re: [opensuse] Another example of deliberate systemð supporters deliberately sabotaging previously working software...
Anton Aylward wrote:
On 08/03/2015 10:36 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Can't that do snapshots like BtrFS, like ext4?
No, or not currently. Actually, XFS shares some devs and features with

I recall reading that XFS could do snapshots but required (a) not to
mount via uuid and (b) a "freeze" option. I also recall that the freeze
option became kernel sported and could even be used with ext3, but I
don't recall where I read that.
3rd hand gossip -- they just implemented a non-default option
to do store a checksum of metadata if you also used the new features to
keep around a special extent for free space. the GUID, apparently, was
also part of the "metadata" that was crc'd.

(BTW, I had a cow when I heard this)...but a _patch_ was submitted
within the last week to move the user-settable GUID out of the crc'd data...). But I still don't like being forced to have crc'd
metadata just to get the free-space extents -- they said it was
needed for reliability -- which may be true, dunno, it sounded like an "agenda-ist" excuse... i.e. something that doesn't make
technical sense to *force* on users.

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