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Re: [opensuse] Title hijacking
Ottavio --

...and then Ottavio Caruso said...
% I'm still new to this mailing list, so please forgive my naivety.

Welcome! Better keep your flame-retardant suit handy, though ;-)

% It looks to me there is a number of users here who hijack and fork the
% thread title all the time, presumably to fool killfiles and filters,
% or simply for plain stupidity.

I have my own idea of what your definition of hijacking & forking are,
and if I'm right then I think that your presumptions are incorrect. But
we should clarify...

What is your definition of "hijacking the thread title"? How about
"forking the thread title"?

% I remember back in the dark days when I was on the Debian mailing
% lists, this was frowned upon.
% I would like to hear your opinions about it, as long as you keep the
% title intact.

I, for instance, will change the Subject: line when the content no longer
matches, as I did when discussing diff parsing in another thread this
morning. Since the title has nothing to do with message threading in
a Real MUA (tm), the threaded view is still ordered and intact. YMMV, of

% --
% Ottavio


David T-G

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