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Re: [opensuse] btrfs - no space left on device after deleting snapper
Chris Murphy írta:


rsync -pogAXtlHrDx

I don't know if the x will exclude subvolumes on Btrfs. I'm pretty
sure that even though subvolumes are a separate fs tree, rsync will
treat it as a directory because it's not Btrfs aware yet.

You might need to lookup how to use --exclude to make sure you don't
include .snapshots or it will try to copy possibly hundreds or
thousands of what it thinks are distinctly separate root fs's, each
one of which is probably at least 4-5GiB in size. So it will be a huge
problem.... unless you delete all snapshots first (not strictly
necessary, just use exclude).

Something like --exclude=".snapshots" I think? Or maybe --exclude=/.snapshots ?

Chris and others:

Based on your suggestions here's how I fixed the no space left on device
problem by
transfering my openSUSE 13.2 OS to ext3 file system:

Booted the system that gave the no space error and logged in as root.

I created a new partition on the hard disk and formatted it to ext3.

Ran partprobe so that the system would recognize the new partition.

Mounted the new partition as /mnt.

rsynced all directories and files (except /.snapshots) in / to /mnt one by one
manually using:

rsync -rlptgoDHAX /boot /mnt


chrooted to /mnt

mount -B /sys /mnt/sys
mount -B /proc /mnt/proc
mount -B /dev /mnt/dev
chroot /mnt

Adjusted /etc/fstab according to the new partition and removed all btrfs
related lines.

Made a new initrd image:

mkinitrd -k vmlinuz-3.16.7-21-desktop -i initrd-3.16.7-21-desktop

Created new grub2 menu for loading the OS on the new partition:

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
grub2-install /dev/sda

Then rebooted the system. So far it works.

Thank you all for your help in this matter,


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