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[opensuse] Another example of deliberate systemd supporters deliberately sabotaging previously working software...
Just encountered this looking at /etc/sysconfig/sendmail:

diff between last release and systemd --
all of the comments that listed the commands on how to do
various sendmail maintenance functions were removed.
They were comments!!!

# diff /Nroot/etc/sysconfig/sendmail /etc/sysconfig/sendmail 7d6
< ## Command: /usr/lib/sendmail.d/update
< ## Command: /usr/lib/sendmail.d/update
< ## Command: /usr/lib/sendmail.d/update
< ## Command: /usr/lib/sendmail.d/update

There was no reason to change this file at all, but to make things
more 'grand' -- they [werner Fink], didn't leave ".rpmold" or
put his changes in .rpmnew -- they just edited (comment removal
only that I saw in this case) them in place.

--- the various sendmail rc scripts that did a good job of
extracting options from the /etc/ config file --
replaced by "semi-hidden" (in /etc/mail/system -- not a standard
location for storing service start/stop scripts -- except w/systemd.

A wonderful benefit -- used to be the scripts were all in /etc/init.d/xxx
but now, they can all be put in private, non-standard locations to
obfuscate how systemd runs.

I'm not one to rant on systemd other than for substantiated reasons
like this. Again -- I will say this again -- the systemd people
created a war with me by sabotage like this. If they had provided
backward compat options... I would have loved them -- Many of their
ideas were good ideas on Windows -- Win7, at least for 5-6 years and
I've often tried to mention good features in windows that would
make linux better (though I have more issues of problems in windows,
and probably have more 'hate MS feelings', than their positive
ideas have influenced me). Most of those hate feelings come from
their manipulation of customers and the marketplace to force
ideas down their throats. I don't like that behavior in MS
or in linux, but now systemd supporters are adopting MS's behaviors.

I know MS has done the embrace, extend, extinguish thing to lock in
customers and force them onto "rental plans" -- end-users are the
last to be converted to that. Adobe did it to their end users ~2
years ago and I disassociated myself with their community -- as they
were all going on to monthly/yearly plans and would all have
the newer SW that I couldn't buy. Big game companies are doing
simpler with game clients that always have to be connected and
have your system monitored. The two worst in that category -
EA/Bioware/MassEffect3. I bought the game. I've never played the
game I bought despite many calls to EA support -- but I have
played versions with all the addons that had the anti-customer
DRM removed. I never got to play online with other users, but
I at least got all their extras for free -- and I still have
the $60, legal/licensed copy that won't work.

Another game recently -- also online -- after I downloaded
30G(!!!!) of textures -- I tried to login -- it wouldn't
let me -- as it said that I had some "monitoring" software
running that they considered cheating (they didn't say
what the SW was, but in their help pages, I saw one of
the largest offenders were real-time malware scanners
(like Microsoft's Home Security Essentials). Real
interesting. They were uninstalled in less than a day.

So please realize that the harder you attempt to force
your ideas of mandatory control on users -- the more users
you will lose -- because of system problems -- who
may still want to use your products -- but will only
have the option of using the DRM-neutered ones that
will actually work on their machines).

p.s. sorry for going 'off topic', but the stuff happening
w/suse lately has really reminded me of the capitalist,
bought and owned government that continues sell out
to the highest bidder. It really tastes bitter.

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