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Re: [opensuse] What reads a pdf that contains forms?
On 07/25/2015 07:36 AM, MarkusGMX wrote:

There are new forms the courts require that I am having trouble reading. The
following is a Civil Docketing Statement for the 4th Court of Appeals in Texas.
The site recommends Adobe Reader, which I don't have. I've tried my old trusty
kpdf (nope), the readers in FF39 (nope). What else will read it?

As some other posters said, only acroread 9.5.5 can read under Linux.
acroread-9.5.5-3.24.1.i586.rpm afair in my case.

But it gives a message that one cannot save the form and that you only can print

Why don't they use a webform? This is garbage.


You are 100% correct in your assessment that "this is garbage"! Not only garbage, but I'm fairly certain it violates several mandates against single source technology that results in an anticompetitive impact through implementation. Here, there is no doubt it is due to ignorance on the court's part and some intern that got the task of putting the new forms together. The clueless intern knows only windows and of acrobat reader. Much less that there may be other's on tablets that are not windows and heaven forbid still others using yet another OS.

So what does the clueless intern do? He tells the justices that he can create a "real slick" acrobat form that ALL users of the reader can fill-out and print to submit allowing the court to capture the text entries electronically (it's original goal). The clueless intern had no knowledge of simple web forms, ajax or json or any inkling about how simple a true cross platform solution could actually be.

Why? His tech knowledge is exhausted after demonstrating what he can do with acrobat on windows. Unfortunately, the justices have even less knowledge/expertise in this area. So with the blind leading the blind we have these god awful forms, that are anti-competitively tied to windows and a kludge that allows acrobat reader to run on mac OS.

And so in the normal sequence of events in government technology, the clueless intern's acrobat form was admired and blessed by all justices responsible for overseeing the administration of the electronic filing requirements imposed by the legislature and many, many equally clueless attorneys struggle everyday to shoehorn information into the blessed awful form.....

What I need to do is get my head/hands around the proper 21st century way of implementing true cross-platform forms that can serve in it's place. If somebody knows where a write up for the current consensus for proper tools to use in addition to normal POST & GET approach to create an equivalent form, I'll prepare a proposal for the administrative district judges and submit what the alternative should be. (If you know someone who is a wizard at that stuff and would like or could benefit from the accolades that flow from being able to list on his resume implementation of true cross-platform electronic form and filing solution for the courts for the State of Texas -- I need that person too.)

Any good links or recommendations?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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