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Re: [opensuse] Volume fading
On 09/06/15 19:08, Jon Cosby wrote:

The volume is fading on my computer. Radio streams that used to play
clearly at about 50% on the main volume control now need to be set at
80-100%. It's a problem in KDE, GNOME and a test account. Doesn't matter
which player I use, either. It's been happening a couple of days now,
and I haven't updated or done any tinkering in that time. If you want to
test them yourself, the streams are


Anyone know what might cause this? Thanks.

Jon Cosby

I know the problem you're likely referring to. It's been discussed on here before and gives something like the effect you're experiencing. Indeed, it's been the same on my system of late.

It will be the ghastly new default PulseAudio setting of 'flat' volumes across all applications. To be honest it'll need somebody else to point you to the exact details, I was going to try and look it up myself soon because it's pissing me off but I forget where the thread is.

What's probably happening is that the PulseAudio sound server is automatically adjusting and rebalancing your volumes in various applications. Under the old default, you set volumes independently in each app and they stay like that. You then likely control things with a master volume. The new system means that changing the general volume has effects on the volumes in all your other apps. I guess the theory is that left alone over time it ought to balance the outputs to give you an optimal setting, but anybody who wants reliable, expected behaviour and/or who does any kind of audio or other media production will tear their hair out. Whereas 50% master volume was the perfect setting for listening to podcasts whilst doing the washing up, I can no longer hear it and have to put it up to 65%. And similar such effects, you get the idea.

Do some digging about PulseAudio 'flat' volume setting and how to toggle it back in the config files. Sorry I'm too lazy right now to get into techy mood and search for it.

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