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Re: [opensuse] JPG EXIF Metadata
On 06/08/2015 10:59 AM, Brandon Vincent (Student) wrote:
Try exiftool. It should be in the repositories.

The man page many has many suggestive examples;

# add one hour to all images created on or after Apr. 2, 2006
exiftool -alldates+=1 -if '$CreateDate ge "2006:04:02"' dir

# return all date/times, shifted back by 1 hour
exiftool -globalTimeShift -1 -time:all a.jpg

exiftool -DateTimeOriginal-='0:0:0 1:30:0' dir
Adjust original date/time of all images in directory "dir" by
subtracting one hour and 30 minutes. (This is equivalent to
"-DateTimeOriginal-=1.5". See for details.)

exiftool -createdate+=3 -modifydate+=3 a.jpg b.jpg
Add 3 hours to the CreateDate and ModifyDate timestamps of two images.

exiftool -AllDates+=1:30 -if '$make eq "Canon"' dir
Shift the values of DateTimeOriginal, CreateDate and ModifyDate
forward by 1 hour and 30 minutes for all Canon images in a
directory. (The AllDates tag is provided as a shortcut for these
three tags, allowing them to be accessed via a single tag.)

I know many people get pizzed off at me telling them to RTFM, and I
appreciate that some man pages are incredibly badly written and
informative, but here we have a really useful example.

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