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Re: [opensuse] konsole dictating dimensions of gvim window
On Wed, Jun 03, 2015 at 09:13:16PM -0400, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri@xxxxxxxxx> [06-03-15 21:03]:
* toothpik <toothpik6@xxxxxxxxx> [06-03-15 20:38]:
I am running openSUSE v 13.1, konsole v 2.11.3, gvim v 7.4.729

if I start a gvim session from the konsole command line it assumes the
same dimensions as konsole -- if I instead start gvim from the alt-F2
run starter it assumes whatever dimensions I have specified in my
startup script, or it defaults to a cute 25 line by 80 column display

can someone tell me how to end the tyranny of konsole sizing my gvim

It's not "tyranny", but your setting for terminal windows. Go to
systemsettings and configure the terminal window and size you desire.

You will find it: configure desktop ->
default applications ->
terminal emulator

if you have it set to konsole, that is what will try to run and it will
use the setting as it is configured.

no, the only thing there is how to tell KDE I want to use konsole as my
terminal emulator (as opposed to xterm or whatever), and there are no
settings there for the emulator chosen

it IS a tyranny of size imposed by konsole on my gvim window
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