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Re: [opensuse] network manager only connects after 2nd or 3rd attempt
On 06/01/2015 07:22 AM, Freek de Kruijf wrote:
Op maandag 1 juni 2015 15:41:14 schreef Daniel Bauer:
I copy the log below, I see a warning, but I don't know what i wants to
tell me :-)

Will comment below.

Do you have the same problem when configuring these settings static?

stupid question:

Only questions not asked are stupid.

if I connect PC and laptop with static IP's, can others then still use dhcp?

Sure. Your DHCP server only gives out a certain number of IP-addresses. So
static addresses you need to choose one that is not given out by the DHCP

In fact I only connect with dhcp because I often have guests who use my
wlan via dhcp. But if I can use static IP's and they still can use dhcp
that would be great (I wouldn't have to search for actual IP's everytime
I want to connect the two computers).

So you can give these two static addresses.

Couple of minor corrections:

1) yes you can use a mix of static and dynamic IPs, but you may occasionally
trouble after a static machine has been turned off for a long period. The
static IP may
be leased by the dhcp server, and when you turn the static machine back on
there will be
a collision, and the other machine will be forced to obtain a new lease. This
is seldom
done cleanly.

1a) Any properly functioning DHCP server (including in the cheapest of wifi
routers) will
ping an ip before it tries to lease it. This is how it detects and avoids
usurped static
ips. Obviously if the usurped static is powered off or disconnected it will
get no reply
and it will lease the IP.

2) The very best way is to make a reservation in your DHCP server for the mac
of the machines you want to always get the same IP (printers etc are good
That way EVERYTHING can use dhcp.

2a) Even the cheapest routers allow dhcp reservations these days, as does any
dhcp server
running under opensuse. I always run this way - for many years and have never
anything that did not work.

Further I've never encountered any device so primitive that it could not handle
and therefore required a static IP. Its always a choice, reserved usually for
cases where there exists insufficient knowledge of how to get a dhcp server

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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