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Re: [opensuse] Fibre speed [Was: raid use case]
On Mon, 2015-06-01 at 09:54 +0200, buhorojo wrote:
On 01/06/15 09:30, jdd wrote:
Le 01/06/2015 09:24, buhorojo a écrit :
The main advantage of fiber for us is not the speed, but that it
the most visible advantage is up speed, that allows you to have a
local server serving the net easily, when with 1Mb adsl it's really

The ***ONLY*** technical advantage of Fiber is ***DISTANCE***. Unlike
just about every other media the signal does not degrade measurably for
a great distance - so higher performance lines are possible over
greater distance.

A 1Gbp/s FDX ethernet connection is imperceptibly different than a 1Gbp
/s fiber connection provided the distance is short and the level of EMF
is low. [and there is 10Gbp/s copper now]

Please could you explain that in a little more detail? We don't have
a local server. We see it in being able to work in a google docs
domain. That isn't possible with adsl. Is that an example of what you
are saying? Thanks.

That is not a limitation of ADSL, that is a limitation of *your* ADSL.
Very good performance can be provided by ADSL .... at short distances
using quality cabling and SLAMs.

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