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Re: [opensuse] PDFs printing 2" offset in landscape mode with Adobe
On 11/28/2014 11:38 PM, John Andersen wrote:
Again, Carlos, you are fixating on the fact that the package aren't
under maintenance rather than solving the problem. The package
doesn't instantly bit rot like yesterdays fish just because it is not
under maintenance.

And I'd point out that "it didn't used to do this" but along the way
other things have been updated as well. Notably CUPS.

I mentioned that Foxit prints properly
Well Foxit hasn't been updated for Linux in a long, long while.
Its as if they don't care ...

Information for package FoxitReader:
Repository: @System
Name: FoxitReader
Version: 1.1-0.fc9
Arch: i386
Installed: Yes
Status: up-to-date
Installed Size: 6.0 MiB
Summary: The PDF Browse Program
FoxitReader is a browsing program designed for reading PDF document.

But Foxit doesn't handle forms properly ...
We've had this discussion in the last year ....

Anton has been around long enough to have earned your respect for
knowing what he is doing.

And failing that I have a 20-sided dice ...

Anton can define a raw printer in cups and pass the PDF straight

That might be useful in other ways as the printer can handle raw
postscript and raw PCL :-) In fact it can probably work better 'raw'.

The real issue then becomes how much has recent changes buqqured that up?

The most likely point of failure is cups because Apple has gutted it.
Many many PPDs are corrupt in recent versions of cups that worked
perfectly in older versions of OS.

Are you suggesting I should try rolling back to an earlier version of
CUPS and locking that in place?

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