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Re: [opensuse] Software installer fails to install rpm package
On 11/28/2014 03:46 PM, Marcus Meissner wrote:

Yast2 itself uses libzypp directly.

Disagree with "directly"

$ sudo which yast
$ sudo ldd /sbin/yast | grep zypp

Hmm. Not 'directly'

$ sudo file /sbin/yast
/sbin/yast: symbolic link to `yast2'
$ sudo file /sbin/yast2
/sbin/yast2: Bourne-Again shell script, ASCII text executable

Reality is that the shell is a GUI/graphical menu and the individual
modules do actual things.

$ sudo /sbin/yast2 --list
The 'sw_single' is the most relevant; that is a ruby script at

This is the nice GUI style thing that I think Marco was looking for :-)

Ultimately, if you read the 'import' section of the Ruby code, this
makes use of
which makes use of and

So yes, but I'd say indirectly rather than directly.

But there in my gecko-menu I have "computer => install/remove software"
which invokes
package-manager --install %F

And guess where that leads to, indirectly?

My overall point is twofold:

Since the file browsers don't have the code of handling every last type
of file embedded in them, which would be an endless talk, they can be
configured to make use of external programs for each mime type, and all
the ones that deal with doing installations, be it RPM files or
one-click YCP files, lead ultimately to libzypp and librpm

Secondly, the file browser is not the only thing that can be configured
in this way, and need not be configured in the same way as the file browser.

Once again, digging out all that information took less time than writing
it up.

Perhaps one of the reasons, Marco, that you perceive there to be more
helpful stuff on-line for Ubuntu users is that they need it more than
most of us openSuse users.

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