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Re: [opensuse] Software installer fails to install rpm package
Il 28/11/2014 16:44, Carlos E. R. ha scritto:
On 2014-11-28 19:04, Marco Calistri wrote:
Il 28/11/2014 15:58, Andrei Borzenkov ha scritto:
В Fri, 28 Nov 2014 15:34:16 -0200 Marco Calistri <> пишет:

bor@opensuse:~> xdg-mime query default application/x-rpm
org.gnome.FileRoller.desktop gnome-software-local-file.desktop

Exactly Andrei,

I wish to check and also modify/customize my MIME associations, how
can I do this last action?

He told you already how to check. Look again, on this very post.


cer@Telcontar:~> xdg-mime query default application/x-rpm
package-manager.desktop cer@Telcontar:~>

which would result in whatever "package-manager.desktop" says to

cer@Telcontar:~> locate package-manager.desktop
/usr/share/applications/package-manager.desktop cer@Telcontar:~> cat
/usr/share/applications/package-manager.desktop [Desktop Entry]
X-SuSE-translate=true Encoding=UTF-8 Name=Install/Remove Software
Exec=package-manager --install %F Icon=package-manager-icon
Terminal=false Type=Application


Ie, it would try to run "/usr/bin/package-manager", which is a part
of "libzypp", at least in my system. It is, in fact, a script:

cer@Telcontar:~> file /usr/bin/package-manager
/usr/bin/package-manager: POSIX shell script, ASCII text executable

It has 195 lines, and it appear to call several programs depending on
its logic. I see entries for "yast2 --install", "zen-installer" (zen)
"kpackagekit" (kde), "gpk-install-local-file" (gnome)

The decision is based on the contents of "$METHOD", which, in 13.1,
is set this way:

METHOD=yast # determine what we can use if $HAVE_KPACKAGEKIT && [
&& [ "$WINDOWMANAGER" == "/usr/bin/gnome" ]; then
METHOD=gnome-packagekit else if [ "$STACK" == "zlm" ]; then
METHOD="zlm" else METHOD="yast" fi fi

echo $METHOD

Which in my case it results in "yast". The script calls the full
graphical yast (sw_single module), and this functionality has been
removed in 13.2, I believe (from yast).

Now, YOU go and check yours. :-)

A question,

What happens if you double-click on a RPM from your file-manager (hope
it being Nautilus as in my case).

Marco Calistri
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