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Re: [opensuse] Software installer fails to install rpm package
On 11/28/2014 10:37 AM, Marco Calistri wrote:

But where is the problem then?

Ultimately, your problem is that you are using a GUI to do a CLI job.

Its not that there aren't GUI package managers, there are, but that's
not what you are using.
You are using a file manager, and that is not a package manager.

File managers are limited in capability but make use of external
programs that are involved when you click on files. The file manager
makes use of your MIME settings to determine what external program is to
be used.

In configuring same you may have the option to run this external command
in a window. That is an xterm or similar. This is great if you want to
see the output of the external program when it is a CLI.

So if you click on a HTML file and your MIME setting say to use Firefox,
you will get a GUI.

If you click on a RPM file and your MIME settings say to run the CLI
program 'rpm -Uvh' with the file name as a further parameter as ellanois
suggests, then UNLESS you have set things to see this is a sub
window/xterm you won't see any output.

Guess how I have my system configured?

I don't know how you have your system configured.
I don't know what version you are running ... Etc etc etc.

"Context is Everything".
I know my context.
Unless you tell us yours we don't know what it is.

I don't know what you expect a file manager to run as a package manager.

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