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Re: [opensuse] Does openSUSE store IPv6 addresses somewhere?
On 11/28/2014 04:30 AM, James Knott wrote:
I just set up a 2nd IPv6 subnet for my guest WiFi. While my openSuSE
13.1 based router provides the correct router config via router
advertisement, for some reason the "client" computer, running 12.3 keeps
on sending out neighbour advertisements for the address it would have
when connected to my main network. Ifconfig shows it has IPv6 addresses
for both subnets, though it's only connected to one. Ip -6 route show
also shows routes for both subnets. Is that info being cached
somewhere, when it shouldn't be? That computer is using the KDE network

BTW, I have a /56 subnet, which equals 256 /64 subnets, of which I'm
currently using 2.

Does your router send RAs for both subnets on the guest wlan? Run
radvdump on the client to check this. Probably another device sends RAs
for thw wrong subnet? Check /etc/radvd.conf on the router to ensure both
wlan interfaces are configured properly.
Does the router use the correct nestmasks for both subnets?

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