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Re: [opensuse] display fault on Dell laptop, nVidia driver
On 11/27/2014 07:23 PM, Peter wrote:
Also, the laptop hasn't really been moved in the time since these
problems began occurring, so it would be bizarre if something had become

My experience is that chips, at least, seem to work themselves loose
from sockets for no apparent reason.

Maybe its micro-vibrations, the cooling fans, who knows what, but it
seems to happen over time. Hence flat soldered chips and retaining clips.

Oh, then there's oxidization ... Having electrical current flowing tends
to encourage that, for some reason, despite that the adverts about
'electronic' car body anti-rust devices claim.

Don't ever discount this.
For some reason removing things that can be unplugged, wiping them down,
possibly with an air-brush, and pushing them back home firmly seems to
cure an amazing number of problems :-)

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