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Re: [opensuse] UPS : replacing battery with 12 volt Jelly Car Battery
jdebert composed on 2014-11-24 13:50 (UTC-0800):

I'm curious about how long a typical "consumer" UPS can run on battery
before it fails. What would the maximum run time be and what limits it.
Never know when you'll need it for longer than a few minutes. If I were
in the middle of editing media I would want as much time as I can get
to get to a decent save point before shutting down. Same for games.

What Carlos wrote, but note I've bought a lot of these over a lot of years.
Every one came in a box and/or with a manual with the information to answer
jdebert's question. Just remember performance does not improve as the
batteries age. Once batteries are 2 years old, maybe sooner, you should be
routinely running the unit's self check to ensure you won't suffer
disappointment when the power does go out.

If you want a lot of run time, you either buy the biggest one that fits
wherever it needs to fit, or make enough space for a bigger one. Also you
don't use it to power things you can do without while the power is out. Put
them on the surge-only outlets or a separate surge suppressor not plugged
into the UPS.

I've not read lately to see if it's changed since, but years ago the manuals
said do not plug surge suppressor power strips into them, to avoid having
them fail to respond properly due to their unprovided-for suppressive
characterstics in circuit between UPS and protected devices. Hopefully that
has changed, as finding power strips without suppression to fit the
inevitable overabundance of external power bricks is no small task. The cheap
strips without suppression almost always aim plugs to prevent more than about
two bricks attached at once. I circumvent that nuisance buying 8" extension
cords in 3-packs from WalMart for about the same money other places want for
just one.
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