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Re: [opensuse] Re: boot with root as subvolume
On 11/23/2014 05:15 PM, jdd wrote:

? let alone remember what partition do what on the systems that do not
run now? I already have more than 17 partitions on 4 disk on my main
machine :-)

KISS. Just three partitions & types.

Linux Filesystem - for ext2 for /boot
Linux Swap
Linux LVM

All my disks are like that.
Except the ones that are only a file system
or only LVM.


Or did you mean file system?
Use blkid

# blkid -o full /dev/dm-10
/dev/dm-10: LABEL="ROOT" UUID="4d0f475c-2833-4858-96ed-f284b634ffb2"
UUID_SUB="852090d3-1d2d-4412-baf3-056851d87505" TYPE="btrfs"

Which is the same as
# blkid -o full /dev/disk/by-label/ROOT

Since I name all my file/label systems (and swap) things are quite

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