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Re: [opensuse] Re: boot with root as subvolume
On 11/23/2014 12:48 PM, Gour wrote:
Even so, it doesn't take an errant programmer to
come up with a runaway process that can consume all the scape on /tmp.

In my case, it's single-user desktop machine and I'm the only programmer
who can fill the /tmp. :-)

Yes but you run code written by other programmers and we've long ago
established that some of the contributions are less than perfect!

Then there's the matter of configuration.
Dare I say it, but some configurations are less than perfectly
applicable to some situations and can cause, lets putt it politely,
errant behaviour. HO! A lot of the discussion on this list pertains to
that. I said that I assume things that can go wrong will go wrong and
things that can't go wrong will also go wrong. This list is a testimony
to that!

Right now my /tmp is lowly filling up because there are quite a number
of applications that create temporary files and don't delete then when
they exit. I think the Mozilla suite is among them! I am *sure* that
Thunderbird does not clear up the attachments I open. Damn FTP-by-mail!
The crontab.daily is supposed to clear out /tmp but it doesn't seem to
do a good job.

We have large disks these days, so creating a 1G /boot on a 1T drive,
the drive costing you around $50, isn't going to hurt. Its a simple
precaution, like spending $1 for a CO2/smote alarm battery. There are a
lot of simple precautions in life, but I've never understood why people
spend s much energy arguing why they shouldn't take them.

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