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[opensuse] Re: btrfs (with subvolumes) & raid-1 setup
On Sun, 23 Nov 2014 12:40:10 -0500
Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Let's have some facts straight:

The Debian way, I gather, is to have that /@/ The openSuse way is not

1. Having btrfs root under subvolume is not anything Debian-specific and
it's actually not supported by Debian installer. You can find tutorials
all over the net explaining how to do it for *many* Linux distros and
it's even mentioned in Suse's forums.

As far as I can see the problem is that rather than accept that each
distribution has its own way of doing things you are, as you say

2. Every distribution has its own installer which covers *many*
use-cases, but certainly *not all* the use cases.

For instance, I have raid-1 setup on Debian which is not supported by
its installer nor it's supported by Yast/Suse. By following your logic,
user should not put two hard disks in raid-1 array 'cause it's not
supported by the distro - here I think not about using mdadm, but
btrfs' own raid capabilities - which is, of course, non sensical.

That is you want to make the openSuse look like a Debian system.

3. As I already wrote, disk layout is nothing which is distro-specific
and, at the end, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora...that's all *same* OS
called Linux which is known to provide 'choices' to the end-users.

By your logic, all distro-users should have their systems configured the
*same* way. :-)


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