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[opensuse] Re: boot with root as subvolume
On Sun, 23 Nov 2014 12:26:53 -0500
Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some people call this 'belt and braces' engineering :-0

I appreciate your intention to help and just wonder if you maybe like
Ada language?

Even so, it doesn't take an errant programmer to
come up with a runaway process that can consume all the scape on /tmp.

In my case, it's single-user desktop machine and I'm the only programmer
who can fill the /tmp. :-)

I asked why you chose not to have a separate /boot and the answer
seems to be "'Cos Debian didn't do it that way".

Wrong! It might be that Debian stable still uses /bot, but I run Linux
without /boot for quite some time.

Moreover, it's, as pointed out by jjd, even the decision of Suse itself,
at least for 13.2. ;)

It makes me wonder why you have chosen to move from Debian to openSuse
as you seem intent on rebuilding your openSuse system so that it looks
like a Debian system.

There are more things relevant for chosing the distro besides disk
layout. Zipper is certainly the one. ;)


As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results,
the learned may similarly act, but without attachment, for the
sake of leading people on the right path.

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