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Re: [opensuse] boot with root as subvolume (was Re: btrfs (with subvolumes) & raid-1 setup)
В Sat, 22 Nov 2014 21:29:56 +0100
Gour <gour@xxxxxxxxxxxx> пишет:

On Sat, 22 Nov 2014 17:38:38 +0300
arvidjaar@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

I think this the only setup that makes sense in the long run. I do
not know if yast supports it though.

I did rename the default subvolumes and created snapshot of rootfs in
order to move it from top-level into subvolume (e.g. '@'), but have
problem how to teach Yast/Grub to generate proper paths, iow. how to use

/@/boot/... instead of /boot/... since manually editing during the boot
time works?

Any hint?

Could you remind which openSUSE version you run?

Could you be more specific where it fails? There are three places that
need adjustment

1. reference to /boot/grub2 in first stage grub binary. If /boot/grub2
was on the same subvolume that was moved (and is now /@/boot/grub2) you
need to rerun grub2-install so it picks up new path.

2. Paths to kernels in grub.cfg. They should be updated after rerunning
grub2-mkconfig. If not, it is a bug and I would be interested in more

3. kernel command line options, specifically subvol=.... Here I'm, not
sure. There code to do it is there, but I do not know whether it works.

So what exactly does not work in your case?
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