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[opensuse] Re: Use crontabs (was Re: openSUSE-13.1: at 17:00 system begins thrashing: What is cause?)
jdd wrote:
Le 22/11/2014 16:25, Linda Walsh a écrit :

Just use both. Wait, don't tell me,

cron - Auxiliary package

Auxiliary package, needed for proper update from vixie-cron 4.1 to cronie 1.4.4"

Well, looks like cronie does both. /usr/sbin/cron
is only cron that is running and it is the one from cronie-1.4.8...

I seem to remember that, the whole
/etc/cron.<time>... script stuff was run off of a normal cron
anyway... i.e. normal cron function wasn't removed -- ahh...
man page says:
Cron searches /var/spool/cron for crontab files which are named after
accounts in /etc/passwd; The found crontabs are loaded into the memory.
Cron also searches for /etc/anacrontab and any files in the /etc/cron.d
directory, which have a different format (see crontab(5)). Cron exam-
ines all stored crontabs and checks each job to see if it needs to be
run in the current minute.

So it handles the *nix format and adds support for the async cron format
needed by systems that aren't always on. I.e. since both methods
have worked for me, I never noticed a problem...

Where's the problem? Are some people only running anacron or such?

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